L-33 Sólo

Model L33 Solo [Czech glider] is made in scale 1: 4. The fuselage and the rudder are made of glass laminated plastic. The wing [with profile HQ30-13/12] and horizontal tail surface is attached by means of two screws to the vertical fin of vertical tail surface. The wing is joined by means of prolonged girders over the fuselage to the second halves of the wing. And finally the wing is joined to the fuselage by means of plugs [4 pcs]. The plugs go out from outer ribs of the wing. The wing is secured by means of plug. On the lower side of the wing are done 4 holes with lids for placing a controlling servo which enable to control winglets and inbuilt brake flaps. To the vertical fin of vertical tail surface is stuck in a bulkhead for placing a controlling servo of height rudder. The rudder is operated by means of Bowden cable and a servo has to be placed to the center of the fuselage. The modell has also fixed landing gear with covering. In front of the fuselage is placed hook tow for the flight. The cockpit has an opening to the right side.

The cockpit contains following parts:
– Floor, stool, arm rest, panel

On the modell is possible to control:
– Rudder, height rudder, brake flaps, winglets, hook

The surface treatment contains primer coating [white colour] with combination of the stripes made from the sticker.

Technical Data Sheet of model L-33 Sólo